IIYC 2002 Conference Resolutions
*To firmly stand to assert our right to self-determination and to the full recognition of our inherent rights as indigenous peoples

*To fight mega-infrastructure projects that result in the economic, environmental, and physical displacement of our communities

*To continuously advocate existing laws that uphold our collective human rights and to mobilize against laws and institutions which do not serve our needs or justice, such as the World Bank, IMF and WTO

*To revive our culture, languages, spiritual values and traditional structures of governance

*To affirm and uphold the rightful status of women as equal in society, family, the workplace and the movement for social transformation

*To expose, oppose and condemn the Imperialist and US State led wars of Aggression, which target the worlds poor
To strengthen the solidarity of Indigenous Youth against all forms of colonization, foreign, domestic hegemony and State repression

*To unite with all the oppressed classes and sectors of the world and actively participate in international actions
To link with other socially progressive movements that work to fight globalization

*To establish concrete forms of organizational formation by building region wide networks

*To join all forms of struggle to end all forms of oppression, racism and discrimination against Indigenous Peoples

*To call upon the United Nations and States of the world to recognise and adopt in full the Declaration of Indigenous Peoples Rights in itís original text.

*To assert the right of Indigenous Peoples to free, prior and informed consent over all issues concerning them

With these in mind we are resolute in our determination to continue the historical struggle of our ancestors.

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